Betting on British Top Teams

tb18The sports betting market in Britain is among the most mature on earth. Some of the country’s betting brands have been in business for several decades and have developed a high reputation for reliability, quality products, and high-quality customer service. Betting on football is now a global phenomenon but most of the trading is practised in illegal markets in Asia where huge sums are wagered.

The Football Pools began 90 years ago and within a few months, hundreds of thousands of fans were filling in weekly vouchers, trying to predict the results of Saturday afternoon’s match, and hoping to win cash prizes.

With a view of such a rich history of sports, one can understand why different types of games have such a huge following in Britain. This also explains why sports betting is gaining momentum, as well.

There are many popular top sports teams in Britain with international repute and good odds that one can bet on. People commonly bet on the following tournaments:

What Is The Sports Betting Industry Worth?

The current approximations made by Darren Small propose that the sports match-betting industry is worth between $700 Billion and $1 trillion (£435 bn to £625 bn) per year. The estimations include both the illegal and the legal markets. This might probably be one of the biggest betting industries across the globe.

Where Is Betting Most Popular?

Research that was conducted in 2015 discovered that the northern, urban cities and London boroughs are faced with high unemployment which might explain the high levels of betting in those areas. Generally speaking, communities with higher unemployment rates are more likely to have a greater concentration of gamblers. People use the winnings from the matches to feed their families. They also bet for other reasons. There are those who bet for fun and as a show of their patriotism and loyalty to a particular team.

Popularity of Sportsbook Online

Betting at the bookies has been linked with horse racing for a very long time. However, the emergence of online betting could see football issue a challenge to that position in Britain. With a view of fast internet access and high-function smartphones, it’s easier to access the odds and this has led to faster accessibility to betting sites. Another factor to the increased popularity is the fast payouts on the casinos and sportsbook sites.

Professional research has been carried out by Mind the Bet to find the best and most trusted British online sportsbooks. The following is a list of the top 10 online sportsbooks. Every Bookmaker listed here has been researched and evaluated by members of their experienced evaluation staff.

They include:

  • tb19Bet 365
  • Sporting odds
  • Victor chandler
  • Ladbrokes
  • com
  • Coral
  • William Hill
  • Unibet
  • 888sport
  • Betfred

Where can one watch the teams play on a live stream?

Some of the best online betting odds in the UK, such as Unibet, not only offer high bets on the best sports events, but they also provide live streaming of popular sports such as football. The Players can also place bets wherever and whenever they desire.